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Stay Cyber Safe, not Cyber Sorry!

We are trained to provide you and your business with proven techniques and specifically targeted simulations, we can produce results that will significantly decrease your intrusion rate within a 12 month program. People are the last line of defence so, to help reduce the intrusion rate we provide the following, plus so much more

  • Engage and train your users

  • Simulate phishing attacks

  • Report and document tests

Facts are Facts

Did you know?

* 96% of companies are targeted by Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks
* Records breached in the first half of 2018 - 4,553,172,708
* The major source of these breaches result from human error and poor practices
* People are your weakest link and it’s usually what you have the most of
* We train your users to be your last and best line of defence

StayCyberSafe are proud to be a leading Australian partner with the world’s largest security awareness training provider KnowBe4 (current leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant) to help you manage the increasing risks when you have people and the internet.

We offer a variety of proven training methods in cyber security education with engaging presentations, phishing simulations, ransomware simulations and interactive staff training. Our focus is on keeping you and your enterprise ahead of the game.

courtesy knowbe4 - Human error, conquered.

Cyber Savers Services

We offer high quality service in every business area. From large businesses, right down to new start up’s and small businesses. We are a Perth based Cyber Safety Education Specialist Enterprise - committed to the principle that Cyber Safety is everybody's responsibility. As an enterprise, we provide programs, tools and learning opportunities that empower people to stay safe online.



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